Turning Point

11th grade

As a child I loved adventure.  I was always taking off on my bike, climbing trees even with a fear of falling, playing war games in a field with my brothers and dads old army gear, or riding the Odyssey (4 wheeler).  I tried to ride our dirt bike but ended up running into a big oak tree.  I was young so I didn’t try riding a motorbike after that for a while.

Reflecting back on my timeline there are many turning points in my life.  One picture always seems to stand out to me.  It’s my 11th-grade picture.  I was at a new high school and only had a handful of friends and a few of them were my cousins.  I was there for only one year. The year itself is a blur with a few memories coming back to me from time to time.  I worked a lot more than a teenager should but I became a great employee and the boss relied on me.  I was the queen of the drive-thru window so I was always working when others were doing teenager things.

That one year I saved over a thousand dollars to put towards my first car, our family was going through changes, and for a short time, I was bringing home chicken and biscuits for dinner to save money.  I worked so much I woke up with my hand up in the air trying to serve my sister French fries.  My sister got a good laugh.  It was funny but I was exhausted.  I remember prom and a cute foreign exchange student, and I also remember pieces of a trip I went on with my art teacher and one other student.  We were going to an Art contest to submit our work.  We both did pointillism of birds.   I didn’t know I would meet that boy again in the future.  I found him annoying but funny. But then he started talking about things that I didn’t want to talk about at that age.  Once I told him I didn’t do those things he stopped.  It wasn’t until years later after we departed from our relationship that I remembered that drive to the ART show.

I believe God does give us the gift of certain abilities maybe not like “Heroes” but important just the same.  It seems when I am not blinded by love or fear I can sense good and bad.  I can sense something within someone that is familiar. Although I may sense these things I do not always act on it.  I have trusted and have been burned knowing that subconsciously what might happen.

When do we change?  If you create a timeline of events in your life you will see that in our late 20’s it’s usually the final straw for change, your thirties are for finding your way through the changes, and forties are for stabilizing and work-life balance.  I haven’t mastered it yet so I will let you know in my fifties how I end up.  I don’t want to be another face in the crowd or body in a cube I am meant for more.  I am more creative when I am moving around so in my daily routine I want to change how I plan my day.  After hearing something on Klove yesterday about serving God where you are right now;  I reminded myself that wherever God takes me next is fine but for now, I will do what needs to be done for him in the present. Don’t worry about tomorrow; God has a plan.

I have a pact with God to live 100 years if not more so that I can do great things for his glory.  What I want may not always be what is good for me but God gives me what I need.

So ask God, ” How can I serve you today?”



I want more!

image_566740256123256“I want more!”  Does that phrase sound familiar?  Do you say it and how often? As we live our lives daily we fall into ruts.  These ruts lead to the words “I want more.”  It could be viewed badly.  People will say, “Be content with what you have”.  Others might say, “Ok. What are you going to do about it?”

Someone told me once to make a five-year plan so I did.  I completed the plan and continued to strive for more.  After I became a reborn Christian, I discovered how to live a more purpose-driven life.   But this purpose driven life still drives me to do more and want to do more.  I have realized that striving for promotions and more work to do isn’t enough.  The work itself must have great meaning and purpose.  I pray every day that the Lord will help me see the answer to my question. Am I fulfilling his purpose for me?

I know I do not belong locked in a cube.  I think better when I move around and go out into the world to see the action.  It’s hard to fight the perception that one who sits in an office for 8 hours a day is actually working and making a difference.  If you can do your job anywhere than it should be where you feel the most energetic and happy. Right?  Where does this question leave me? Well in a rut.   Don’t worry I have a plan and God works in mysterious ways.

When you find yourself in a rut do something that helps you think.  What do I do? I clean and move furniture around; which bugs my husband. He likes consistency and I like fresh and new.  The furniture moved into a new spot allows for change and a new perspective.  I moved my desk in front of the window to watch the birds and farm animals next to us. It relaxes me.  In the fall we may even see a few deer that hideout around the area.

The next five years is not set in stone but my goal is to have the freedom to roam and think out of a cube where the action is and publish more of my thoughts in books and this blog.  I am always open to helpful insight so please feel free to share kind words of encouragement, what you do to conquer the famous phrase of wanting more, and how you are fulfilling your purpose driven life.

Live. Love. Laugh.

God bless,

Stacey A. Robinson Carwile


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